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The Challenge of Blending in as a Traveling Nurse Being a travel nurse is like being the lone wolf; one that lives outside the wolf pack. Travel nurses enter new work environments on a constant basis, which means they are the outside party in an already established “pack”. Here’s the thing though, effective nursing requires collaboration and the care of patient could be at risk if not everyone is a team player. If you are a travel nurse, make it a priority to blend in when you start your new contract. Even if you have ... Read More
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Travel Nurses Three Things you should Know about Body Language     The physician diagnosed one of your patients and it’s not a good one. It’s your job to communicate that news to the patient. You walk in and give them a tight-mouthed smile, and without a word spoken, they know something is wrong. Non-verbal cues often speak louder than words. So, it is not only your duty to empathize with the patient, also pay attention to your body language and what you are communicating without words. We are speaking all the time. Breaks i ... Read More
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Tips to Better Sleep Habits for RN Travelers You did it. You made it through the application process of becoming a travel nurse, and you’ve accepted your temporary assignment. You couldn’t feel happier. In the spirit of adventure, you are ready to take on your shifts and spend hours exploring the area. But, wait… You’re forgetting about something; can you guess what it is? Let me give you a hint. Zzzzzzzzz…zzzz…zzz Before jumping into touring your new location, consider setting up a regular slee ... Read More
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3 Ways to Rethink Success as a Nurse Every person has an idea and definition of success. Many times, you might feel you have not reached your definition of success. It is okay to feel you haven’t “made it” because it forces you to strive and be better. However, that is not always the most rewarding way to live. It’s not healthy to feel like you’re failing on a regular basis. Let’s explore ways that you are successful now as a nurse, or traveling nurse, and ways to continue being success ... Read More
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How to Get your Travel Nursing Resume Noticed It’s tricky to know exactly what recruiters search for on your résumé or the best way to make a great first impression. Searching for a job is difficult enough, and now you have to figure the way recruiters think. Stay calm, let’s work through ways that can make yours stand out from the rest. One of the things to keep in mind is that every job you apply to is different. Sometimes, it might require you modify a résumé before submitting. General résum& ... Read More
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