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What it Means to Become a RN Travel Nurse Moving to a new location is often a forced change, usually due to job loss and acquiring a new job elsewhere. Two of the scariest circumstances that bring an overwhelming amount of stress is moving locations and switching jobs. The fear of facing those two situations can quickly keep people tied to one place and one job. No one wants to feel this way—stuck—with only the chance to travel once a year. That limitation can leave a person feeling stagnant instead of feeling alive. Feeling ali ... Read More
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Night Shift Snack Attack: The Best Foods Nurses Need to bring to Work You don’t have to be a nurse to know of the midnight snack attack, many people suffer from hunger pains in the middle of night. Some are able to sleep right through it, while others wake up and grab an easy snack before heading back to bed. Studies show this happens because people are not taking in the enough calories in a day, as they should. However, for nurses working the night shift, not only will they experience the midnight hunger pains, they have to give into to it in orde ... Read More
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Why am I not being hired for a Travel Nurse Assignment? While travel nursing is a rewarding career, it is also highly competitive. Nurses from around the world are vying for that travel nurse position you want. Remember, you are not the one that is first to speak with the hiring facility, it’s the recruiter. If you find travel assignments are not coming your way, it could be time to adjust the way you market yourself to the recruiter. One of two things should happen if you can’t find an assignment. The first is figuring out if you ... Read More
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Katie Couric’s Show airs a Celebration to Nurses   In celebration of ‘The American Nurse’ project and documentary produced by Carolyn Jones, Katie Couric aired a special celebrating the nurses involved in the shooting of the film. We’ve included a clip of the show for you to watch. Carolyn beautiful states that during her time in chemotherapy a team of doctors worked to help her beat cancer, but “it was the nurse that helped her through it”. Any time a patient has to stay at leng ... Read More
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Overcoming the Fears of changing your Career Path to Travel Nurse   Traveling is awesome and usually families only get the chance to go somewhere new for a week, maybe two at the most, because of work. What if you were given the chance to travel to a new place for only 4-weeks and be paid to be there? What if you had the opportunity to move and live in a city you’ve always dreamed of visiting and be paid to live there? Registered nurses have an a unique opportunity to travel and work, but sometimes thinking about what goes into giving up ... Read More
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