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7 Tips to Ace that Travel Nurse Job Interview   “Why should we hire you?” It’s a loaded question but one of the most common interview questions. It gets right to the point. What value do you have that makes you right for the job? A less confident person does not know how to answer that question. But not you. You have what it takes. Belief in yourself and knowing you have the skills for the job helps you answer that question without hesitation. When you are a travel nurse, it is required to interview with ... Read More
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Hobby Ideas to Help Nurses find Balance in their Work and Personal Lives One of the greatest struggles that befall nurses is not knowing how to strike a balance between work and life. Isn’t that the ultimate quest of all? To find and achieve happiness and balance; however, it continues to elude the majority and rest only on a few. For those who have chosen to pursue a career in nursing it becomes far more difficult to maintain a healthy dose of balance and sanity. It is understood, people enter the nursing field because of the enriching experience of he ... Read More
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Best Winter Destinations for Travel Nurses It’s autumn. The month of October brings out brilliant shades of reds, oranges, and yellows. The chill in the air means heavy sweaters and warm boots. And, as a travel nurse, you move and change with the seasons. Before the mild temperatures turn to frigid cold, it’s time to plan where to go for your next assignment. Travel nurses have the luxury of strategically planning where to live during harsh winter months. We scoured the internet to find the best winter destinations to ... Read More
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How to Decide on a Travel Nurse Company Deciding on a travel nurse company is a daunting task. With hundreds to select from, how do you know you’re making the right choice? You don’t know. Not at first; however, there are a few ways you could eliminate and narrow down your choices. Perhaps, it’s easier to think of it like the elimination rose ceremony of the Bachelor or Bachelorette. Start out with a long list of agencies and compare what each has to offer to you. More than that create lists of what is m ... Read More
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Is the Travel Nursing Lifestyle Right for You? To travel for a living is often confused with a romantic notion. Many people fantasize about the freedom to travel and see the world, without ever really looking for ways to make it happen. Why is that? Why do people tend to give up on the idea of making money while traveling for a living? The 4 “F’s” are the likely culprit. People decide not to travel because of these main reasons: 1.    Fear – afraid of the unknown and unpredictability ... Read More
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