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7 Great Free Mobile Apps for Travel Nurses   We’ve written a few posts on mobile apps that can help Travel Nurses on the go.The access to thousands of mobile apps via smartphone can help balance work and personal life. The ability to have everything that is needed on one device (mobile phones) means higher productivity because you don’t have to go search for an item, it’s all there on your phone. These selected apps cover brain health, finances, traveling, community, medical, and fun. Travel App: ... Read More
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Travel Nursing: 5 Tips to a Successful Phone Interview You’ve applied online for a travel nurse position, and you know at any time you could be receiving a call for that all-important interview. Phone interviews can be tricky because they usually come at an unexpected time for you, as the call is made at the convenience of the recruiter. It’s important to know how to handle a phone interview at the spur of the moment professionally and land the job. As you know, travel nursing requires traveling, which means the majority of intervi ... Read More
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Avoid Nurse Burnout by becoming Resilient Disney’s Mrs. Incredible's superpower is elasticity. She is able to save and help others and then morph back into shape. By all definitions, Mrs. Incredible is resilient. In today’s healthcare system, resiliency is also a superpower, or rather, key quality that healthcare workers need to possess.       Nurses are required to deal with far more stress than any other occupation. Not to mention the stressors that comes from their personal lives as well. It is true ... Read More
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Gift Ideas for Nurses' Appreciation Week   Nurse appreciation week is fast approaching, and many of us have nurses in our families or friends, now is the time to say, “thank you for all you do”. Nurses lead stressful lives, due to the long hours, vast amounts of paperwork, hospital politics, and in the midst of all of it still give the highest care and attention to multiple patients on their units. Often, nurse’s week passes too many by; they don’t even know it exists. However, for those whose lives ... Read More
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The Challenge of Blending in as a Traveling Nurse Being a travel nurse is like being the lone wolf; one that lives outside the wolf pack. Travel nurses enter new work environments on a constant basis, which means they are the outside party in an already established “pack”. Here’s the thing though, effective nursing requires collaboration and the care of patient could be at risk if not everyone is a team player. If you are a travel nurse, make it a priority to blend in when you start your new contract. Even if you have ... Read More
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