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What Does it Take to be a Travel Nurse? Options. It’s an attractive word—options. It’s another word for “choice” and places decision-making power into your hands. Don’t we all want to feel like we have some sort of control in the decisions we make daily? Travel nursing gives you and other capable registered nurses the opportunity to travel. Most importantly, it places your career back into your hands. It gives you options. To learn what it takes to be a travel nurse, that’s why you& ... Read More
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Ways to know if you are experiencing Nurse Burnout (And How to Avoid it) Have you ever roasted a marshmallow over a campfire? The flammable, sugary nature of a marshmallow makes it an ideal treat when camping. You place it on the stick, put it into the heat, and within seconds the outside starts to crisp. Leave it in the flames a moment too long and you end up with a burnt marshmallow. As a new nurse, you were probably a lot like that marshmallow. Upon entering the world of nursing, it’s exciting, you can’t wait to go into work, and you jump righ ... Read More
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How to Succeed as a Professional Travel Nurse Who doesn’t want to be successful at what they love to do? Isn’t that the dream—to make money, doing what you love to do? Too often, people are caught up in the daily grind, living paycheck to paycheck, and in the end, feeling as though they failed somewhere. That doesn’t have to be you. Each person is born for greatness and success. Only keep in mind, success cannot be based on society’s definition of the word. Success is based on your own definition of succ ... Read More
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Travel Nursing: Nurse Specialties in High Demand, Top Paying States, and Traveler-Friendly Cities     You’re happy with your life. You are. It’s just—well—by this age you thought you’d have visited more places. You decided to enter nursing, since then it’s become more difficult to take off and “see the world.”   For as long as you can remember, you’ve envisioned a life filled with traveling. You always dreamed of meandering your way from state to state, exploring historic landmarks. Picture yourself soaking in the sun, on ... Read More
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4 Steps for entering the Travel Nurse Industry You’ve heard the different travelers in the hospital talk about travel nursing and the idea appeals to you. You’ve read about travel nursing, and now you feel like you’re ready to make the move into this industry. Wait. Before you start applying to every travel nurse agency possible, take a few minutes to think all the way through it. To be a travel nurse takes more than the desire to travel, although that’s essential. It takes more than being passionate about ... Read More
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