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How to Become a Traveling Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) You’ve heard of registered nurses getting the chance to travel and work, but you’re not sure if you can travel as an LPN. The nursing shortage has opened up new and exciting opportunities for licensed practical nurses, as well. The reason why RN’s pursue a traveling nurse career is the adventure, the chance to see many cities, and still have the security of a job from place to place. While there is a vast amount of jobs for RN’s, there are also many jobs for t ... Read More
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What Travel Nurses should know about Disaster Relief Nursing Eleven years ago at 8:45am, “American Airlines flight 11, a Boeing 767 crashes into the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York City, tearing into the side of the building at about the 100th floor and setting it on fire.”* As news of this unnatural disaster spread, the nation wept. First responders shook themselves from shock and leaped into action. With strength and resolve in the midst of catastrophe and medical disaster, the RN’s wheels began to spin. N ... Read More
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Travel Nursing: Understanding the Pros & Cons of having a Tax Home Little can provoke the sort of anxiety that comes with tax filing deadlines, especially for travel nurses. Travel nurses are responsible to account for expenses that come with traveling and working. The IRS has plenty of rules and guidelines for anyone receiving per diem pay for meals, lodging, or any other incidentals. Travel nurses must keep a detailed record of all expense receipts. A host of questions surround the subject of establishing a tax home, what it means, and if it’s ... Read More
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What Does it Take to be a Travel Nurse? Options. It’s an attractive word—options. It’s another word for “choice” and places decision-making power into your hands. Don’t we all want to feel like we have some sort of control in the decisions we make daily? Travel nursing gives you and other capable registered nurses the opportunity to travel. Most importantly, it places your career back into your hands. It gives you options. To learn what it takes to be a travel nurse, that’s why you& ... Read More
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Ways to know if you are experiencing Nurse Burnout (And How to Avoid it) Have you ever roasted a marshmallow over a campfire? The flammable, sugary nature of a marshmallow makes it an ideal treat when camping. You place it on the stick, put it into the heat, and within seconds the outside starts to crisp. Leave it in the flames a moment too long and you end up with a burnt marshmallow. As a new nurse, you were probably a lot like that marshmallow. Upon entering the world of nursing, it’s exciting, you can’t wait to go into work, and you jump righ ... Read More
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